The Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri Environmental Department

Events and Important Dates

The Environmental Office is hosting a community clean-up event starting May 26, thru June 2. 2020. There will be two dumpsters available: at 656 Ave, and Red Earth at Mulberry & State Line Road.

COVID-19 Precautions

Please be considerate of our sanitation workers: Any medical waste, including gloves, masks, IV bags, needles, used tissues should be bagged separately for disposal.

Please be safe: We recommend wearing a mask and gloves, and maintain safe distances from others using the dumpster. No “dumpster diving”.

Do you need help? Elders and others needing assistance please contact the Environmental Office to arrange for pick-up.

What can I throw away? Household items: Toys, clothing, furniture, trash, magazines, kitchenware, etc.

Is it recyclable? It may be…but we lack a recycling center to take it to for processing. At this time we encourage you to consider reuse of any recyclable items you can, purchasing in bulk, using your own shopping bags, and look for alternatives to single-use plastics. Buy a water bottle and fill it at your tap. Use brown cardboard or newspaper in your garden in place of mulch. Until we can recycle, we should focus on reuse, upcycling, and reduction of use.

What items cannot be thrown away? Electronics must be disposed of separately- Drop off these items at the community building for recycling and disposal June 12-13!

Appliances? Tires? Batteries? Paint? Oil? If you have something on this list please contact Lisa Montgomery for proper disposal procedures.

Volunteers? Questions? If you can give a helping hand hauling away trash for tribal members please call Lisa Montgomery at 785-288-8288.