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June Is National Healthy Homes Month!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) joins the U.S. Department of

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in recognizing June as National Healthy

Homes Month. We invite you to use this opportunity to learn about the relationship

between indoor air, housing and health. Resources are available that can assist you

in advocating for healthy housing. EPA’s Indoor Environments Division shares

HUD’s goal of ensuring healthy homes by maintaining healthy indoor air. The

following strategies will help maintain and improve your home’s indoor air quality


 Source Control—Eliminate sources or reduce emissions. For example, adjust

emissions from gas stoves, and eliminate sources of mold and moisture.

 Better Ventilation—Use exhaust fans when cooking or showering.

 Filters and Air Cleaners—Change the filter in your heating/cooling system

and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Also, consider using an air

cleaning device.

You can improve your home’s air quality by using “green” cleaning products,

not smoking indoors, testing your home for radon and upgrading your heating and

cooling systems to be cleaner and more energy efficient, among many other


Celebrate National Healthy Homes Month with EPA’s Indoor Environments

Division and HUD! Follow the links below to resources that can help you improve

your home’s IAQ:

 EPA: Protect the IAQ in Your Home: What You Can Do Now

 EPA: Interactive Mold House Tour

 HUD: The Healthy Homes Program

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