The Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri Environmental Department

Recycling Program 

The Recycling program provides assistance with recycling materials from the Sac and Fox Nation Administrative Offices, Enterprises and Casino.  Currently the program operates 6 recycling trailers 3 of which are bulk trailers for cardboard and 3 bin trailers for the collection of: white paper, newspaper, shredded paper, magazines and aluminum cans.  We can also take electronics (excluding televisions and monitors) by appointment.

Voluntary Recycling: Anyone can recycle! Its free  

Recyclables include:

Paper, plastic, glass, steel and aluminum cans, cardboard, magazines and newspapers

   About 50% of household waste is recyclable, so that’s a lot to keep out of landfills!

How do I prepare these items for recycling?

 It is important to wash and rinse containers before disposal to remove food, oils, soaps, etc.

You do not have to separate all your recyclables-however- there is a separate trailer for cardboard only that is located behind the Tradin’ post. We ask that you use place cardboard there instead of the six door bins as the cardboard is recycled at a different facility.

 Take your recyclables to Red Earth Village, Sac and Fox Casino, or behind the Tradin’ Post and place in trailers

What CANNOT be recycled?

Containers for motor oil, gas, petroleum products, paint cans, other chemicals

* Pizza boxes, or other cardboard packaging that comes in direct contact with foods (like hot pocket sleeves)

* Styrofoam cannot be recycled. Avoid purchasing styro packaging when possible.

Electronics and appliances. These are recycled separately. Watch our Events page for Clean-up Days when we will collect these items for recycling/disposal



If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Lisa Montgomery