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The Sac and Fox Nation Environmental Department remains active and busy amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark Junker, Tribal Response Coordinator prepared a Pandemic Emergency Response Plan outlining the steps that Sac and Fox Nation would take to keep community members safe, and provide needed support throughout the emergency declaration. Nizhoni Woodie continues to monitor water quality and Bill Richardson is monitoring air quality. Lisa Montgomery is providing drinking water quality testing for the homes at Red Earth and support for other environmental program grants.

As you may have learned, the reduction of cars driving on the roads and closing of industry has had significant positive impacts on global air quality already, as can be seen by satellite images taken over the world’s most populated cities who have suspended activity.

Our monitoring programs will provide some evidence of the positive changes: evidence that fossil fuels pollute the air, and lead to decreased immune responses in many people. It is our goal to reduce air pollutants, sediment and nutrient loading in surface waters that reduce the quality of life for the community. We are here to protect human health and the environment.

This year, April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Although our program was cancelled, we recognize that during this time of school closures there is a need for students to access educational materials and continue to learn about the Earth and all its creatures and features. Here are a few links that you may find fun and educational:

Natural Inquirer teaches children about the scientific process and nature using science standards. They have materials from elementary through high school, with some in Spanish also:

Mister G bilingual music artist has wonderful sing-along videos for children, a book about Monarch migration called Senorita Mariposa, and is working on some new material to help parents and kids get through the pandemic: 

Into the Outdoors is outside-oriented, with some curricula for elementary, middle, and high school students:

Discover the Forest has activities for kids and can give people places to go (once parks are open again):


Pollinator Partnership hosts annual Pollinator Week and has an entire curriculum for grades 3-6, plus tons of pollinator and flower-themed activities for children of all ages:

Project EduBat has a lot of bat-themed activities:

FSNatureLIVE is geared towards middle schoolers with science-based curricula and student-led videos on themes such as pollinators, bats, climate change, etc:

  Our mission is to integrate environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the community, encourage environmentally sustainable practices, and protect the health of humans, our environment and our wildlife.

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