The Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri Environmental Department

Welcome to the Sac and Fox Nation

Environmental Department home page! 

The Sac and Fox Nation Environmental Department remains responsive to your needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The department used grant funding to provide masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, cleaning supplies, temperature scanners and wands, UV light sanitizers, air purifiers and filters to working staff and tribal members. If you need additional support, please contact us at 785-742-4705.

Mark Junker, Tribal Response Coordinator prepared a Pandemic Emergency Response Plan outlining the steps that Sac and Fox Nation would take to keep community members safe. Mark provides needed support throughout any emergency declaration. This plan ensures that Sac and Fox Nation can access federal funding to help pay for response efforts.

Bill Richardson, Water Quality Coordinator continues to monitor surface water quality, stream health and wildlife habitats.

Lisa Montgomery, Environmental Director oversees all environmental programs and outreach, including ammonia monitoring (ambient air) and drinking water quality testing for the homes at Red Earth.

The Environmental Department is eager to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the environment, indoors or outdoors. What kinds of things can you ask us about?

What kind of bug is this?    What medicinal plants grow on the reservation?    Is the fish I caught in the Big Nemaha River safe to eat?    When is Earth Day?    Do you have a map of that area?    Is it safe to use DEET to prevent insect bites?    Can I burn my trash?    Who can help me close my well?How much rain did we get last week?    How do I safely dispose of these old chemicals?    Can I volunteer to help?    How does a wetland improve water quality?   Is it safe for me to work/play outside today when I have asthma?   Do you have any masks?

Our mission is to integrate environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the community, encourage environmentally sustainable practices, and protect the health of humans, our environment and our wildlife.

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