The Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri Environmental Department

Surface Water Program

Environmental water quality is being monitored on the Sac and Fox Reservation through the collection of environmental data and water/sediment samples on ten sites within and upstream of the reservation boundaries. These sites are being monitored for a variety of parameters which act as indicators for water quality and provide insight into the overall health of the rivers and creeks on the reservation. Fish and insects are surveyed along with monitoring of habitats of the creeks/rivers and adjacent wetland areas.

Surface water monitoring provides the baseline data that the Nation needs to further their efforts in protecting water sources on the reservation. Monitoring is a required process that then enables the Nation to pursue grants and funding to then improve stream conditions, create enforceable water quality standards and improve the overall health of the watershed. Abandoned wells, leaking septic systems and laterals have become critical points of contamination concern on the reservation as well. 

Volunteers Wanted! If you are interested in participating in any of the monitoring activities or would like to volunteer to assist, please contact Lisa Montgomery, Environmental Director at 785-742-4705. We are eager to share our knowledge and appreciation for the environment.

For more information about the Surface Water  program, please feel free to contact:

Bill Richardson, Water Quality Coordinator

Sac and Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas and Nebraska Environmental Department

Telephone:  785-742-4707